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CP001 - codfish with chickpeas

CP002 - tuna fillets in olive oil with spices

CP003 - portuguese style codfish in olive oil with garlic

CP004 - sardines in olive oil with spices

CP005 - sardines in olive oil with lemon

CP006 - mackerel fillets in olive oil

CP007 - small sardines in organic extra virgin olive oil

CP008 - small sqardines in spicy olive oil


CP101 - portuguese sardines in olive oil


CP102 - sardines in extra virgin organic olive oil 

CP103 - sardines skinless and boneless in olive oil


CP104 - tuna fillets in spicy olive oil with shiitake mushrooms

CP105 - tuna fillets in olive oil with red pepper and basil


CP106 - tuna fillets in olive oil with artichoke hearts


CP107 - horse mackerels in pickled sauce


CP108 - trout fillets in pickled sauce


CP109 - black scabbardfish fillets in olive oil

CP110 - tuna ventresca in extra virgin organic olive oil

CP111 - codfish stew in olive oil

CP112 - small mackerels in spicy olive oil

CP113 - sardines in olive oil with oregano

CP114 - sardines in organic tomato

CP115 - tuna fillets with apple and dried tomato in olive oil

CP116 - tuna fillets with orange and cinnamon in olive oil



PT001 - sardine paté

PT002 - mackerel paté

PT003 - hot spicy tuna paté

PT004 - trout paté

PT005 - whitting roe paté

PT006 - salmon paté

PT007 - hot spicy sardine paté

PT008 - tuna paté


PKP01 - sabores de portugal 4u (flavors of portugal 4u) - includes CP001 + CP002 + CP003 + CP004

PKP02 - premium 4u - includes CP004 + CP005 + CP006 + CP007

PKP03 - sardinhas 4u (sardines 4u) - includes 2 x CP001 + 2 x CP007


AM001 - candied portuguese almonds with cinnamon

AM002 - candied portuguese almonds with ginger

AM003 - bittersweet portuguese almonds with sesame

AM004 - salted portuguese almonds with curry

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